Things You Need To Know About Outdoor Hot Tubs

If you’re looking for peace of mind or just want to relax on a holiday, you may consider putting in an outdoor hot tub and relax. In fact, it is one of the best ways to refresh and spend some time with you.

Outdoor hot tubs are a perfect accessory for your backyard or garden. Along with giving your outdoors a hot look, they offer a great deal of therapeutic benefits to you. After a long troublesome day at work, you need to spend some time in peace with yourself. It can help you have few good and relaxing moments. Hot water de-stresses you and makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, especially when it is fixed in natural surroundings.

One of the biggest advantages of buying relaxing hot tubs in saskatoon is that you don’t need to find a space inside your house to accommodate them or restructure your bathroom. You can simply buy them and keep them in your garden and backyard. Yes, you may probably want to elevate the concrete floor on which it is to be placed. Instead of elevating the floor, you also have a choice of digging the floor and fix garden hot tub in that.

Putting in it gives you such a nice feeling that you don’t feel like coming out of it. Because of this specific reason, they are also known as therapeutic hot tubs or outdoor spa. Developing a hot tub gazebo requires some serious considerations such as pumping, heating, hot tub filter, and piping installations.

These days, several innovative designs and structures are available in the market at very affordable prices. In such a scenario, it becomes quite difficult for you to buy the most suitable hot tub. But the good thing is that you no longer need to go to the market in order to buy them because several online retail stores feature outdoor hot tubs for sale. Yes, you can buy it with just few clicks of your mouse. Not only this, these stores also offer Jacuzzi, hot tub chemicals, hot tub filters, hot tub gazebos, hot tub accessories, and hot tub gifts. Everything under one roof!

The best part is that you neither need to make a special room for outdoor hot tubs nor have to restructure your bathroom. They can be easily fitted in your garden or backyard. If you love being close to nature, they are a must buy for you. In summers you can refresh yourself after a long tiring day at work and in winters you can revive yourself regardless of the cold outside. Despite the weather, you can now relax outdoors in the right temperature.

As outdoor spa or hot tubs are fixed in your garden or backyard, they may attract dirt, falling leaves, insects, and other debris. Heavy rain or snowfall can damage them. In order to keep them clean, you need to make proper cleaning arrangements so that they do not have any dirt or harmful insects and you can enjoy your time. You can also consider covering them with thick sheet when it rains or snows heavily. Whatever is the season, outdoor hot tubs offer you a perfect place to relax yourself.

Getting the Best Deal on Your Motor Trade Insurance

Motor trader – or trade – insurance is the best type of coverage for companies and individuals directly involved in the auto industry especially when it comes to buying, selling and fixing various types of vehicles. In short, if you work with vehicles, then insurance is one of your essential investments for your own protection. We can mention garage and motor shop businesses, car dealers and car salesmen, and other auto-related organisations that must have motor trader insurance.
Balance Between Cost and Coverage:
It’s easy to find an insurance company that offers all types of motor trade coverage. You have many choices most obvious being your present insurance provider, which may or may not offer the most suitable motor trader coverage for your needs. You can also look for new Lorry insurance providers, both with brick-and-mortar offices in your area or via online sites.
Of course, you will want the best deal on the motor trader coverage for any of the following obvious reasons:

Reasonable Premiums – Keep in mind that the premiums represent expenses that will affect your bottom line. If the premiums are on the high end, your income statement will reflect it but you have greater coverage as a general rule. If the premiums are dirt-cheap, you can expect minimum coverage and it can be a regrettable decision when accidents do happen.

Reasonable Coverage – Accidents can and will happen in any business, an eventuality that a savvy businessman prepares for via a good motor trade insurance policy. Depending on the contract, the coverage can include property damage and third party liability for full coverage while limited liability only applies to third-party damages. Ask your insurance provider about other types of coverage that addresses your unique needs and wants.
In short, you want an insurance policy that strikes a balance between reasonable cost and reasonable coverage. Too cheap and you can end up with minimum coverage; too expensive and you may well be paying for nothing.
Search for the Best Deal:
You can find an insurance provider that offers the right balance between cost and coverage in a motor trade insurance policy. The secret is in being patient, perseverance and persistent in comparing the quotes provided by insurance companies. Indeed, comparison shopping for insurance is a must for every business and individual who desire to get the best deals.
The best place to start comparison shopping is the Internet. With the right keywords, say, motor trader insurance, a world of possibilities opens up for you and right at your fingertips, at that. Just click on the sites and choose which one appears to offer the best products and services as well as the one with the best track record in the industry.
You will find many sites that provide for comparisons between two competing insurance companies as well as two separate options for the motor trader insurance from the same company. The information is clearly presented so that all you have to do is to compare premiums, deductibles and coverage, among other factors.
Your job is to analyse the information to come up with the right choice in motor trade insurance. Just remember that choosing one policy is a big step in either the right or wrong direction so take your time in analysing the information presented.

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CELLULITE CREAM – CAFFEINE & RETINOL – Most Advanced & Potent Formulation

If I google cellulite reduction creams, I am assailed from the guarantees, numerous salves that swear to come back my thighs to their pre-child creaminess and smoothness. If massage were to work, it would have to be extremely firm to have any effect, by now almost of the women can be plagued by it. Hold a stringent review synthetic flavors and colors, butter, ready-made food, sodas and unhealthy meal and thus forth. Waste materials accumulate they gradually thicken and become tricky pockets of immovable extra fat. It can also be very important to manipulate the intake of unhealthy fats and have a more nutrient rich diet.

You can notice leads to just few days. We are discussing associated with an Retinol Anti Aging remedy which is probably the Best Eye Cream for Wrinkles around. The fact that around 90 percent of women have some degree of cellulite appears to make it acceptable. It makes absorption better for other herbs which are applied with it. In real sense you may eliminate the spots but experience new lines for the face.

One from the ingredients is esculin, that is a component of horse chestnut. Not only does exercising increase circulation, but it will also increase blood circulation and even assistance to build muscle. You can start to see the results with the procedure in as few as four treatments. In the conclusion, you are going to certainly locate that most of which doesn’t function and merely after trying them for numerous weeks or months. When you decide to use ointments you just have to purchase them.

It improves blood movement, tightens your skin layer and lowers the dimpled visual appeal. Often with regards to weight loss, some people lose a selection of their radiance and healthy colour and learn to look pallid. Tretinoin is often a product praised permanently results within the acne control. If your epidermis looks refreshed and youthful, you only feel better about yourself overall. Whilst it isn’t a professional medical problem dozens of pharmaceutical and cosmetic firms continue on to research for an efficient remedy.

Cellulite is subcutaneous fat that gives skin a lumpy, bumpy appearance. A comprehensive means to fix cellulite necessitates the following three factors. Purchase a soft bristled brush, loofah, or silk cloth. Nonetheless, ladies with over-active estrogen may begin establishing them earlier inside their lives. This may be considered a quick ‘night-on-the-town’ option, but it is hardly a long term solution.

Download Now Jet Bear and Giant

The object of this game is for your attendees to design their very own margarita. This game has become very famous for the most notable players in the world, but is nowhere close to as popular as Eight Ball or Nine Ball. OK, so my first thoughts were in regards to the setting. Set inside the obstacle course and present the players the direction to where to kick the ball. If you’re gaming enthusiast – well, you’ll be able to’t really call who you are a gamer unless you’ve tried one in the many soccer titles available in the market- of course, if you’re both a gamer and soccer-nut, here’s your kind of reading.

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IBM Launches Major Internet Of Things Offensive

IBM is wasting little time when it comes to the Internet of Things. The company outlined a major Internet of Things strategy tonight with a series of announcements that included a $3B investment to establish an Internet of Things unit inside of Big Blue along with a partnership with The Weather Company.

The Internet of Things refers to the growing network of sensors on everything from smartphones to jet engines. Instead of an Internet of connected computers, it’s an Internet of connected devices (or things) broadcasting loads of data about the devices.

The intent of the new initiative is to put IBM at the forefront of the Internet of Things and provide a common platform on top of which customers can build useful applications to take advantage of all that data. IBM suggests that partnerships like the one with The Weather Company and the one announced last year with Twitter are the cornerstones of a strategy to put them on the cutting edge of a burgeoning technology.

They are not alone in this endeavor, however. GE has its own Internet of Things platform aimed at the industrial internet, called Predix. The two giants are battling it out for the hearts and minds of developers.

Building A Platform

IBM has actually had several pieces in place for some time, but it has been fragmented, says Joel Cawley, GM for information and Insights as a Service at IBM. With this announcement IBM is trying to provide a consolidated package of services to build Internet of Things applications.

The package includes analytics, a special zone of its own on BlueMix — IBM’s Platform as a Service offering — and expansion of what they call their ‘IoT ecosystem.’ The latter is a set of partners such as AT&T, ARM and The Weather Company.

“When I think about this, my business is building service delivery environments. We have been looking for a handful of anchor tenants. Twitter and The Weather Company are great anchor tenants. We can build a lot of stuff around this,” Cawley said.

And he hinted that these two partnerships were just the beginning.

Weather Data Drives Applications

How does The Weather Company fit in? It actually has sensors all over the world collecting weather data, says Mark Gildersleeve, president of WSI Corporation, which owns The Weather Company.

It gathers data from 100,000 weather stations around the world. Over time it will layer on information from cars and smart phones. It intends to combine all of this information to provide businesses with comprehensive weather data to make better decisions.

Digital weather station displaying data.

Insurance companies, power companies, and governments all need weather data to help proactively make better determinations instead of simply reacting to the weather after the fact. By combining The Weather Company’s data with IBM’s enterprise reach and platform knowledge, companies can build applications to make better use of this information.

“We are trying to translate weather into an outcome, a data product,” Gildersleeve explained.

Cawley’s purview is data, which makes sense because the information coming from these sensors is what drives the Internet of Things. Being able to use that data in real time before it becomes stale, is going to be key. This announcement is about IBM wanting to be in front of this, helping companies make use of the data in actual operational fashion.

He points to a project IBM did in China monitoring air pollution as something the company could package using the platform components and sell to other countries with a similar requirement. This kind of use case can show customers how they could build their own applications using other types of weather and atmospheric data.

The Bigger Picture

Tonight’s announcement fits in with a much bigger picture of IBM’s strategies and priorities moving forward, whether it’s Watson processing big data, its cloud strategy or analytics. The partnerships with Twitter and Apple are key components too. It’s all part of a broader vision being driven from the top at IBM to transform the company for more modern enterprise requirements.

A key piece of this approach is building a platform play across the different categories and IBM wants very much to attract developers to this vision. It appears to be pushing the correct buttons and putting all the right pieces in place, but it remains to be seen whether it can really win the hearts of developers to really drive the company’s transformation.

Every company wants to be a platform play from startups to big corporations like IBM, but it takes patience and a quality offering to lure developers — much easier said than done.

Beirut’s Bright Future As A Tech Hub For MENA, If Its Politicians Will Allow It

As my flight out of Beirut reached cruising altitude, and the seat buckle lights flickered off, I leant back in my chair and wondered if I had, in fact left the country just in time. Admittedly, it wasn’t quite an ‘Argo-esue’ escape from another Middle Eastern country, but labelling a controversial government minister on a conference stage as an “idiot” maybe wasn’t the wisest of moves. Beirut is not a town known for its placid history, after all. Furthermore, my comment had made the front page of the Beirut Daily Star the next day. Perhaps it was just as well that I left the next day.

But the trip was worth it. Beirut is rapidly shaping up to be a powerhouse for startups in the Middle East. It has many of the key elements: a highly entrepreneurial culture; incubators and accelerators; venture capital; some gradually favourable government policy and access to growth funding. The exits and the ‘paypal mafias’ may be a ways off but its a beginning. In part because it is the most liberal state in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa)region, and has a western-style banking system bequeathed to it by the French a long time ago, Lebanon is uniquely poised to generate startups which aim both at the Arab world and the wider world at large.

Last week a new $71 million MENA-focused VC fund was announced by Leap Ventures, based out of Beirut. And the Lebanon Central Bank “Circular 331” initiative promises to put up to $400 million into the local startup economy. In addition, this year, the UK government is supporting a scheme to bring Lebanese startups to the UK and to the attention of London-based investors. Furthermore, late last year the country saw the launch of its very own Disrupt-style startup-focused conference.

Banque du Liban Accelerate wasn’t the first conference about technology in Lebanon, but it was the first to focus exclusively on startups, and specifically, the Beirut tech startup ecosystem. It therefore benefitted from that far more laser-like focus, and even managed to attract over 50 international speakers from over 20 countries and 1,000 attendees ( Video of the event is here). Given that a civil war in Syria is raging on the border, this was no mean feat. Some parts of Beirut are awash with Syrian refugees, and yet delegates were treated to a startup conference close to any other they might encounter in the US or Europe.

One of the attractions of the tech scene in Beirut is the city itself. The city’s restaurants, bars and nightclubs, equal anything you might find in San Francisco, New York or London. The safe areas of Beirut are well documented and patrolled by armed soldiers. Personally, I have never felt in danger in Beirut.

The conference was also a leap of faith. Banque du Liban Governor Riad Salameh green-lit the sizeable event, while director Marianne Hoayek put the project into gear. She in turn brought in Samer Karam, who was previously involved in Beirut’s first attempt to create a Valley-style accelerator.

The conference was also attended by some heavy hitters from the financial and political world including Marianne Hoayek, Director of the Executive Office at Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, Governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon, Francois Bassil, Chairman of the Association of Banks in Lebanon, Mohamed Choucair, Chairman of the Federation of the Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon, and Tom Fletcher, Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Lebanon.

But one heavy hitter that didn’t attend was Abdel Menhem Youssef. And perhaps it’s best that he stayed away. Let me explain.

Unfortunately, it’s his policies which stand in the way of Beirut motoring ahead.

The current average Internet speed in Lebanon is 3.11 Mbps, far lower than the Gulf countries such as the United Arab Emirates, which enjoys an average 27.9 Mbps.

It’s been estimated that doubling Lebanon’s bandwidth could improve GDP by 0.6 percent. That’s a healthy amount for an emerging market economy which currently has a war on its doorstep and a refugee crisis.

To improve the speed, in 2011 the country was connected to the India-Middle East-Western Europe (IMEWE) maritime cable. But while an improvement was felt., Lebanon still sits at 177th out of 200 countries on the Ookla list for Internet speed.

The reasons for this are simple. It’s entirely due to local politics. Youssef, the head of the public-private organisation (OGERO, set up by the late Rafik Hariri) has blocked the utilisation and distribution of the IMEWE and other cables that have been hooked up.

As of today, less than 10% of the available capacity of the already operational Internet cables is made available to the market. It’s scandal which ought to have those at the highest levels of government fuming with anger.

Even former Telecommunications Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui estimates it would take only a year to organise fibre to the Home to every Lebanese citizen. If they could just connect up the IMEWE.

The finger has therefore been pointed at Ogero, run by Youssef. The company is responsible for distributing the boosted Internet capacity enjoyed from the IMEWE to different Internet service providers as well as building the network. It also sells internet access direct to consumers. But, in a bizarre twist, Ogero’s chairman is not only the state regulator of the telecommunication industry, but also in charge of Ogero itself.

So the body charged with widen gin broadband internet, is directly hindering the development of Lebanon’s internet economy and ultimately the development of the country.

Indeed, Marwan Kheireddine, the chairman and general manager of Al-Mawarid Bank, has been quoted as saying that there is a conflict of interest within the Telecommunications Ministry, given that the general director is also the chairman of Ogero. “That doesn’t work. It is designed to fail,” he recently told The Beirut Daily Star.

Certainly the implication is that Youssef is either incompetent (hence my ‘idiot’ remark) or worse.

All this, despite a law drafted in 2001 which recommended that Lebanon fully privatize its telecoms industry.

But this never happened. It never happened because the government at the time completely destroyed the telecom infrastructure in the hope of privatising it cheaply to cronies, and then reaping the benefits a couple of years down the line. For example, DSL deployment in Lebanon was actively stalled until 2006 in the hope that this privatisation would occur. This would partly explain why Ogero behaves in the way it does.


However, there is light on the horizon for Lebanon’s emergent tech ecosystem.

The current UK Ambassador to Lebanon and former Private Secretary for Foreign Affairs to the Prime Minister, Tom Fletcher, is powering a new initiative – a UK Lebanon “Tech Hub” would be formed to bridge the startup communities between Lebanon and the UK.

The private sector initiative begins this year, with the support of Lebanon’s Central Bank. As the ambassador says, the idea is to bring “British expertise and investment and connect them with Lebanon startups.”

But time is a-wasting. Lebanese startups need access to regional and international markets, as their success depended largely on their ability to sell products and services abroad. In that respect their fate matches many other smaller Middle Eastern countries. On Lebanon’s side however is it’s relatively liberal culture, it’s multi-language society and its reputation as a cultural engine of the Middle East.


Lebanon’s investment scene remains small, but shows promise.

So far three venture capital firms have established funds that have raised decent amounts of money. Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP), Berytech Fund and LEAP Ventures have each raised at least $50 million.

MEVP has $75 Million in capital and is growing. So far it’s invested mainly in Lebanon-based startups, but also in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Egypt. One of the first VC firm across the Arab World, it’s been investing since 2010, putting between $200,000 up to $5M per startup. In addition, Wamda Capital (recently spun out of the Wamda media company) has also built a $55m fund.

Henri Asseily, managing partner at Leap Ventures, a growth fund, is amongst the biggest supporters of the Lebanon tech scene and a former founder of Shopzilla which was SOLD for $500m. (He also happens to be a cousin of Alexander Asseily the co-founder of Jawbone).

And these investors have been boosted by Circular No. 331. This announcement was issued by Lebaon’s Central Bank in August 2013, and it encourages commercial banks to invest in startups. The Central Bank now guarantees up to 75 percent of the value of a commercial bank’s investments into a startup. That move opened up a potential of $400 million that could be invested into venture capital funds or directly into startups. 0ver 15 Lebanese banks have already taken part in the scheme.

One of the first startups to benefit from this scheme is Presella, founded by Walid Singer and Louay Al Kadri, which is aiming to become the “Eventbrite for the Middle East”. Presella has so far raised in the region of $400,000 and expanded out of Lebanon into Dubai, and is rapidly growing its user-based across the Middle East.

Angel investors are thin on the ground, but are gradually being herded by Beirut Angels (an initiative by Samer Karam and Ex-Minister of Telecom Nicolas Sehnaoui).

In addition there are two large organisations of the considerable Lebanese diaspora in the US who are starting to impact the eco-system. There is Lebnet (based in the Bay Area). And then there Daher Capital, a Lebanon-based family office that only invests in the US market and has had a few successful exits and IPOs. There’s also LISA (the brainchild of Mark Haidar) and TheList (Lebanese entrepreneurs and investors network). Other players include Hala Fadel, chair of the MIT EF Arab, also angel investor; Fadi Ghandour, Founder of Aramex and chair of wamda, also angel investor.

On the debt side, Lebanon is home to more than 50 retail banks with $140 Billion US (three times its GDP) in deposits. The reputation of Beirut being the Switzerland of the Middle East is well-earned. These banks are fueling debt financing to tech companies through a subsidised government loan program named Kafalat – a very innovative public sector initiative. Circular 331 has of course taken that up a notch by encouraging venture financing.


As well as being spaced around the city, Beirut’s tech clusters include the “Beirut Digital District”. This is not state sponsored, but rather is afforded benefits like cheaper internet connectivity, and some favourable legislation around company formation. Unfortunately, most of these are not operational as the politicians that supported the creation of the BDD are now no longer in power. In addition the rental prices remain too high for the average startup.

But office space is far cheaper in Beirut than in Dubai, where salea, marketing and business development offices are often put.


Lebanon has one of the best educational sectors (and engineers) in the Arab World. Beirut has more than 18 universities/tech campuses. It places like this which are fuelling the rise of the startup ecosystem.


Lebanon is also producing a number of successful entrepreneurs. Force of nature entrepreneur Hind Hobeika created the Instabeat health tracking hardware and app for swimmers which was a smash hit on Kickstarter. Elie Habib is the founder of Anghami — the first to start a music streaming platform in the MENA region which now has over 5 million users. Paul Salameh created Pou, a game game that is making millions on the app store. Ayah Bdeir founded LittleBits, an award-winning library of Electronics dubbed “LEGOs for the iPad generation.” Karim Safiedine founded Cinemoz, which is aiming to become the Hulu for the Middle East.

And Lebanon is also sending entrepreneurs to the Valley. Elie Khoury founded Woopra, but has since relocated to San Francisco. As has Paul Saber who founded Etobb, a Q&A platform to allow doctors to meet patients virtually in the MENA region. Then there is Roadie, the app featured on stage at Techcrunch Disrupt New York last year created by Bassam Jalgha and Hassan Slaibi.


Beirut is also producing new startups at a lively rate. These include Ki an enterprise mobile app that eliminates the need for usernames and passwords. Zoomaal is also quickly becoming the Arab region’s main-kickstarter-style startup. Sohati, a content website and interaction platform providing health information and services to patients across the Arab world

Feedeed, a marketplace for services that give talented people the opportunity to transform their skills & services into a viable business. And Saily a second-hand local marketplace. There is even an app for real-time traffic conditions, not unlike Waze, called Tari’ak.


The wider ecosystem is also buzzing with accelerators and events. These include Co-Working 961 (Co-Working); Startup Bootcamp (Pre-Accelerator bootcamp); Startup Megaphone (International promoter of Lebanon startups); SETT (a think tank based out of Beirut that is working on a 20 year plan for Lebanon’s startup ecosystem); Speed Lebanon (a community accelerator); LFE (NGO); and ArabNet (a large regional digital and tech conference).

There’s also the Bader Young Entrepreneurs Program run by Fadi Bizri. And Altcity, the co-working and startup hub started by David Munir Nabti has also made waves as an enthusiastic supporter of the scene.

Lebanon is also host to many startup events. These include BeryTech’s YallaStartup Weekend; Bader’s Netoworking 961 event; and the MixNMentor events put on by Wamda, a tech news site based in Beirut. The MIT Enterprise Forum also organises a huge event for their award ceremony.


So the building blocks are all there. Beirut is using its culture of freedom, its diversity, its low-cost high fun living standards and its location to its advantage in the Arab region.

Hopefully its politicians will begin to realise that its emerging Internet startups need and require decent internet access. (And, that I’ll sail through immigration next time).